Ireland’s Leading Supplier to the Woodworking Trade

Quin-Lok distributes abrasives, adhesives, screws, nails, staples, air tools, lacquers, paints, primers and safety gear to the woodworking industry throughout Ireland.

Serving the country North and South, we offer Ireland’s joineries, kitchen and furniture manufacturers our wide range of products, available for next-day delivery.

We focus on customer service, providing quality products in a timely manner, and we are always glad to assist you with any queries you have.



Sandpaper & Abrasives

Our sanding and abrasive products are sourced from industry-favourites such as SAIT Abrasivi and Mirka Abrasives.


We stock a range of belts from SAIT abrasives and Mirka, including small portable sander belts, long table-sanding belts, and large drum sanding belts. We can also custom manufacture belts to suit your exact needs. More Details

Blocks and pads

Our Sanding Blocks and Pads are from SIA Abrafoam and are proven in the field as the No.1 choice for Foam Sponge abrasives. More Details


Abrasive Discs are available for random orbital sanders in an array of sizes and grits. All our discs are from the trusted brands of Sait, Mirka and Klingspor. More Details

Floor Sanding

Our floor sanding products consist of rolls, notched sheets, self-adhesive sheets, belts, Velcro discs, fibre discs and screens, and polishing pads. More Details


Sandpaper rolls are available in two grades of paper backing and a flexible cloth backing. All our rolls are 50m in length and available in a variety of widths. More Details

Sheets and Strips

We provide sandpaper sheets, Velcro backed strips, non-woven plastic abrasive strips (similar to Scotch-Brite), and floor sanding sheets. More Details

Glues, Adhesives, Silicone

Glue, Silicone & Fillers

Our trusted partners for adhesives, silicones and wood fillers are Henkel, Weise, Everbuild, Alpha-Chem and Metalux.

Contact Adhesives

Contact Adhesives such as Stick 2, Smart Tack, Web Tack are available in various sizes from 500ml aerosol to 17kg pressurised container. More Details


Henkel Technomelt Edgebanding Adhesives have been tested and approved by SCM for use on their machines. More Details

Polyurethane Glue

Polyurethane Glues have become very popular in recent years due to their fast setting times, incredible bond strength, and full D4 water resistance, which makes them suitable for exterior or marine applications. More Details

PVA Glues

The most popular wood glue, often referred to as just ‘white glue’, is suitable for most laminating  and jointing applications. More Details


From general purpose silicone to neutral cure glazing silicone and other related products such as Stixall, Pinkgrip and Caulk, we have the right product for every job. More Details

Wood Fillers

We provide wood fillers from leading brands such as Metolux and Everbuild in a range of colours. More Details



Our own brand of screws, Q-Screw, were introduced over 15 years ago and are available as our SupaDrive cutter screw or as a standard chipboard screw.

We also stock screws from a range of other suppliers.

Wood and Cutter Screws

Our Q-Screw SupaDrive screw incorporates cutters at the start of the thread and on the back of the head. These cutters allow for quicker and quieter insertion as well as effective countersinking of the head. SupaDrive screws are loved by joiners, cabinet makers and kitchen manufacturers alike.

Q-Screw now provide our Kreg, pocket hole screws. More Details

Chipboard screws

Our Q-Screw Chipboard screws have no cutter and are extremely high quality. These screws are best suited for use in chipboard, for fixing hinges, and for pulling units together. More Details

Concrete Screws

Over recent years the use of concrete screws has grown exponentially and we have found that Timco concrete screws provide our customers with great quality and value for money. All boxes contain a TX-30 driver to suit the screws. More Details

Exterior Grade and Decking Screws

We have decking screws available from Q-Screw & Timco. Our decking screws are Nano-coated for rust protection, which won’t break during insertion like a zinc coating might. More Details

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws from Timco are available in a range of sizes, collated or loose. More Details

Pan-Head Screws

Our pan-head screws are provided by Timco. More Details

Nails and staples

We stock a range of nails to suit virtually any popular pneumatic tool, including brands like Basso, Senco, Paslode, Stanley Bostich, Prebena, DeWALT and many more. Our Nails and Staples are generally galvanised, but some sizes are also available in stainless steel.


Nails are available in DA 15 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, 23 gauge, DeWalt 16 gauge angled, coil nails and framing nails. More Details


Staples are available in Sencon N series, 90 series, and 14 & 71 series upholstery staples. More Details



We supply a wide range of pneumatic air tools from Basso as well as tools from other leading brands. All of our tools are backed up by a comprehensive warranty, and our customers can avail of repairs, carried out in our in-house purpose-built service department. 

Drills and Screwdrivers

Our air-powered screwdrivers and drills provided by Hi-Mount are powerful, reliable and always ready to use. More Details

Glue Handling and Application

Tools for glue storage and application including bottles, rollers and pressure pots. More Details

Nail Guns and Staple Guns

Air guns for firing nails, headless pins and staples. More Details

Random Orbital Sanders

Our air sanders are provided by Hi Mount while our electrical air sanders are by Mirka Deros. More Details

Air Fittings, Hoses and Accessories

We stock a wide range of accessories for air tools, including air hoses, PCL & PCL Hi-Flow quick release adaptors, air blowers, tyre inflators, air filters, regulators and water taps. More Details

Lacquers and Paints

lacquers and paints

We stock a range of spray paint, basecoats, primers and lacquer from the trusted name of ISF Coatings, who have been manufacturing coatings for over 100 years.


We stock a variety of clear lacquers, available in 5L and 25L drums and in a number of different sheen levels. More Details


Paints are available in a range of colours. We can mix paint to match any Farrow & Ball colour or RAL colour code. More Details

Primers and Basecoats

The most important part – if you don’t get the base right, you can’t get the finish right! ISF Coatings are renowned for their top quality basecoats and primers. More Details


We stock a range of thinners from ISF Coatings. More Details

Wood Stains

Our solvent-based wood stains are available in a full range of colours. More Details



Our product range includes many sundry items such screwdriver tips, drill bits and nut drivers, as well as PPE products like dust masks, ear muffs and latex gloves.

Biscuits and Dowels

Our biscuits and dowels are made of birch and beech, and are available in an array of sizes. More Details

Drill Bits

We stock HSS bits, SDS bits, flat bits, wood bits and Kreg stepped bits. More Details

Driver Tips

We stock a variety of driver tips and Pozi bit from Bianditz, Addax and Wera. More Details

Safety Products and PPE

Our range of safety products and personal protective equipment includes dust masks, gloves, and ear protection. More Details


“We have used Quin-Lok for many years and have always found Colin and all his staff fantastic to deal with.

They deliver promptly whenever we need anything and it’s a fantastic service that they provide, calling every 6 weeks to our workshop and this really gives a personal touch.”

Tony Healy, South Wood Manufacturers Ltd.
Aherla, Co. Cork

“Essexford Joinery have been dealing with Quin-Lok for a long number of years. As Factory Manager of Essexford Joinery I can testify that Quin-Lok are easy to deal with and we are delighted with the quality, service, and professionalism of Quin-Lok and their products.

They make it easy for us – we simply pick up the phone anytime we need screws, glues, or abrasives. I would have no hesitation recommending Quin-Lok to anyone.”


Bruce Leathem, Essexford Joinery Works Ltd.
Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

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