Quin-Lok introduced our Q-Screw brand over 15 years ago to broad industry approval.

Our vast range of screws provide our customers with high-quality screws for any task, from both Q-Screw and other suppliers like Timco. 

Wood and Cutter Scews

Our Q-Screw SupaDrive screw incorporates cutters at the start of the thread and on the back of the head. These cutters allow for quicker and quieter insertion as well as effective countersinking of the head. SupaDrive screws are loved by joiners, cabinet makers and kitchen manufacturers alike.

Q-Screw now provide our Kreg, pocket hole screws.

Chipboard Screws

Our Q-Screw Chipboard screws have no cutter and are extremely high quality. These screws are best suited for use in chipboard, for fixing hinges, and for pulling units together.

Concrete Screws

Over recent years the use of concrete screws has grown exponentially and we have found that Timco concrete screws provide our customers with great quality and value for money. All boxes contain a TX-30 driver to suit the screws.

Exterior Grade and Decking Screws

We have decking screws available from Q-Screw & Timco. Our decking screws are Nano-coated for rust protection, which won’t break during insertion like a zinc coating might. 

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws from Timco are available in a range of sizes, collated or loose.

Panhead Screws

Our pan-head screws are provided by Timco.

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