Biscuits and dowels

Our biscuits and dowels are made of birch and beech, and are available in an array of sizes.

Drill Bits

We stock HSS bits, SDS bits, flat bits, wood bits and Kreg stepped bits.

Driver Tips

We stock a variety of driver tips and Pozi bits from Bianditz, Addax and Wera.

Safety Products and PPE

Our range of safety products and personal protective equipment includes dust masks, gloves, and ear protection.

Why Choose US

A One-Stop Shop

Our wide range of products means that you can get everything you need to keep your business going in one place. Our sales team is ready to take your order online, over the phone, or in person.

trusted products

We only stock the best brands and products that we know will stand up to the demands of our customers. Our customers require the best in the industry and we don't stock anything we would not be satisfied to recommend.

Long term support

Our clients love that we believe in having a long-term relationship with our customers, offering ongoing support and servicing for the products we sell.