Glue, silicone & Wood Fillers

We know every job has different requirements, therefore we carry a wide range of adhesives to cover all your glueing, sealing and filling needs.

Henkel is a world leader in Adhesive development, and their Hotmelt glues are tested and recommended by SCM for use in their edgebanding machines, they also produce the Aquence 2001 PVA glue which is quite possibly the best wood glue available anywhere.

Weiss Chemie manufacture Cosmocoll FL44 D4 exterior grade PVA glue which is the best D4 we have encountered in our time.

Everbuild is a name synonymous with quality products such as Stixall, Mitre Fast & Lumberjack PU adhesives.

AlphaChem is a fast-growing brand in Ireland producing top quality, silicones, Mitre glue, PU adhesives and contact adhesives.

Contact Adhesives

Contact Adhesives such as Stick 2, Smart Tack, Web Tack are available in various sizes from 500ml aerosol to 17kg pressurised container.


Henkel Technomelt Edgebanding Adhesives have been tested and approved by SCM for use on their machines.

Polyurethane glues

Polyurethane Glues have become very popular in recent years due to their fast setting times, incredible bond strength, and full D4 water resistance, which makes them suitable for exterior or marine applications.

PVA Glues

The most popular wood glue, often referred to as just ‘white glue’, is suitable for most laminating  and jointing applications.


From general purpose silicone to neutral cure glazing silicone and other related products such as Stixall, Pinkgrip and Caulk, we have the right product for every job.

Wood Fillers

We provide wood fillers from leading brands such as Metolux and Everbuild in a range of colours.

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