Floor sanding

Our floor sanding products consist of rolls, notched sheets, self-adhesive sheets, belts, Velcro discs, fibre discs, as well as screens and polishing pads.  

All our Floor sanding products are sourced from the trusted brands of Sait and Mirka. Most of the abrasives are Aluminium Oxide or Zirconium and are manufactured specifically for floor sanding.



We have 200mm (8 inch) wide rolls, 50m in length, available in grits from P24 to P120.


We have 2 types of floor sanding sheets:

205mm x 470mm notched sheets available from P40 to P100

305mm x 460mm self-adhesive sheets available from P36 to P120.

Red 305 x 460 mm backing pads also available.


Belts are available in Aluminium Oxide or Zirconium, as well as a mix of the two abrasives. Floor sanding belts are available in 2 sizes, 200 x 750mm and 200 x 551mm.

Velcro Discs

Available in 115mm, 127mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm and 230mm. Further details available under Belts

Fibre Discs

Hard Fibre backed discs are available in Aluminium oxide (red) or Zirconium (blue) abrasive.

Available 115mm or 180mm diameter.

Grits P16 to P80.


Sait 407mm diameter abrasive screens are available from P60 to P150.

Polishing Pads

Sait 407mm Polishing pads are available in White, Red, Green & Black.

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