PVA Glues

PVA Glues, often referred to just as ‘white glue’, are the most popular wood glues and are suitable for most laminating and jointing applications. Our range includes Henkel Aquence 2001, a favourite of our customers.

PVA glues are classified as D2, D3 & D4 for water resistance where D2 is for interior use only; D3 has a higher degree of water resistance, suitable for use in internal areas that get wet from time to time; and D4 has the highest grade for water resistance and are suitable for external use.

Henkel Aquence 2001

Could this product be the best wood glue in the world? Well we think it is and our customers agree!

Aquence 2001 has amazing bond strength and contains elastomers which allow a small bit of give in the joint, meaning it won’t fail under impact like many lesser glues might.

D2 water resistance: for interior use. Available in 10kg and 30kg pails.

Weiss Cosmocoll fl44

Cosmocoll is our favourite exterior PVA  glue, with full D4 water resistance, excellent bond strength and water resistance. Available in 12kg and 30kg pails.

everbuild 502

This general purpose D3 wood glue is ideal for most laminating jobs and is an excellent veneering glue in cold press applications.

Available in 500ml, 1L, and 5L.

Henkel Ply-Lok 3080

Ply-Lok is another D3 general purpose glue, but Ply-Lok is also suitable for veneering in hot or cold press applications.

Available in 30 kg pail.

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