Nail guns and staple guns

We stock a wide range of pneumatic nail and staple guns from Basso, which are highly regarded by our customers. These air guns are for nails, headless pins and staples.

All of our tools are backed up by a comprehensive warranty and our customers can avail of repairs, carried out in our in-house purpose-built service department.

Nail Guns

18 Gauge Nail Guns

We stock two 18 gauge Basso nail guns. The Basso 18/32-2 (TL001 in our online shop) fires nails from 12mm up to 32mm in size, while the Basso 18/50 A1 (TL014 in our online shop) fires nails from 12mm up to 50mm in size.

Framing Nailer

The Basso N90PH A1 is an excellent 22° angled framing nailer that fires nails from 65mm up to 90mm. TL003 in online shop.

Headless Pinner

The Basso B23/25 is a 23 gauge headless pinner, or secret pinner, fires pints from 12mm to 25mm in size. TL040 in online shop.

Concrete Nailer

The Basso B16/50 C1 is a 16 Gauge concrete nailer that fires standard 16 gauge nails into wood, and also fires hardened 16 gauge nails into concrete. Fires nails from 20mm to 50mm in size. TL052 on online shop.

DA Nailer

The Basso A34/64 A1 is a 15 gauge DA nailer that fires angled DA nails from 25mm to 64mm in length. TL055 on online shop.



Staple Guns

16 Gauge stapler

The Basso 16/851 A1 is a 16 gauge staples that fires “N”-type staples in sizes from 25mm to 50mm. TL002 in our online shop.


18 Gauge Staplers

We stock two 18 gauge Basso staplers. The Basso 90/40 metal stapler (TL009 in our online shop) fires staples from 12mm up to 4-mm in size, while the Basso S90/30 staples (TL017 in our online shop) fires nails from 13mm up to 30mm in size.


Upholstery stapler

The Basso S71/16 A1 is a 22 gauge upholstery stapler that fires staples from 4mm to 16mm in length. TL033 in our online shop.

Wide Staples

The Basso N1025J is a 20 gauge wide stapler that fires staples from 10mm to 25mm in length.


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